Erg Programs

The Rondout Rowing Club sponsors erg (rowing machine) classes in the winter through the Kingston YMCA Check our Events page to see if a program is scheduled now or send us an email and we will find an instructor for private lessons.

What is an ergometer?  Erg Revolution video
Check out the Benefits of Rowing here
Want to learn about the muscles affected by rowingClick here!
Best erg training videos      (Concept 2 Website)                                                                            What is a CRASH-B?       (Winter Rowing Machine Race)
Next Competition in Philadelphia  (Center City Slam)
Want to know how you compare with other erg enthusiasts?                                                Need an online logbook to track your ranking? Sign up here.
Get Certified as a Concept 2 trainer.

Other helpful links:                                                                                                                         Concept2 Training Guide
Fluidity Drill
Concept 2 Rowing Machine Performance Monitor explained
Using the Force Curve
Understanding Splits
Workout warmups and cool downs                                                                                           Samantha Briggs wins 500m world record [1:33.4]                                                                      About using the ergometer SPM and SPLIT times
16 Minute Rowing Concept2 Stats

3 Responses to Erg Programs

  1. AW Ramsey (Ann akaWoodie) says:

    That is great. My phone is 845 417-1995


  2. Sheila Wise says:

    Hello Woodie. I teach basic technique at the YMCA and rowing on the water. Let’s speak on the phone so we can see if I could help you.

    Best Regards,

    Sheila Wise


  3. Woodie Ramsey says:

    I just got a water rower and am looking for a trainer to help me get started with the right form and technique. Is there anyone whoa would do a home visit or series of visits or do it virtually . I am in New Paltz


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